Video Production Terms

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Video Production Terms: Cut to the Chase


Ah, video production! Where the art of storytelling meets the magic of technology. But before we yell "Action," let's clear up some of the terms and conditions that make our partnership as smooth as a dolly shot.

Types of Video Production Services

We're your one-stop shop for all things video—corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, event coverage, and even drone footage. You name it, we frame it.

Ownership and Copyright

Until the final invoice is settled, consider us the Steven Spielberg of your project—we own the copyright. But don't fret, once we're all square, the rights to use the video as specified in our license agreement are all yours.

Licensing: The Director's Cut

Ah, licensing—the unsung hero of every video production project. Once the popcorn's popped and the credits roll, licensing is what governs how you can use, where you can show, and who can watch the masterpiece we've collaborated on.

Types of Video Licenses

  1. Full Buyout (Transfer of Copyright)
  2. You become the sole owner of the video and its rights, meaning it's yours to distribute, edit, and broadcast as you see fit. The downside? This doesn't come cheap, given we'll no longer be able to use the video in any way.
  3. Exclusive Use
  4. Similar to a Full Buyout but with some restrictions that we define. You'll have exclusive rights to use the video, while we can still showcase it in our portfolio or for self-promotion.
  5. Non-Exclusive Use
  6. You have the right to use the video, but we retain the rights to license it to others. Ideal for projects that have multiple stakeholders who also want usage rights, like an architectural firm, an interior designer, and the builder involved in a construction project.
  7. Web-Only Use
  8. This license restricts the video's usage to your website and social media channels, ensuring digital harmony but forbidding TV or cinema usage.
  9. Geo-Limited Use
  10. The video can only be shown in specified geographic locations. Useful for regional campaigns or market-specific tests.
  11. Time-Limited Use
  12. The video can be used freely for a set period, after which a new license would have to be negotiated.

Real-World Example: Corporate Client Scenario

Let's say you're a high-flying tech firm planning to make the next killer app a household name. You want a series of videos: teaser campaigns, launch event coverage, and customer testimonials. Here's how Antares Media would handle it:

License Type: Exclusive Use with Time-Limited Use for Testimonials
Duration: 2 years for launch videos, 1 year for testimonials
Permitted Use: Unlimited use on digital platforms, including social media, and internal corporate events. TV broadcast would require an additional fee.

Sample Exclusive Use License Agreement

Subject to the terms of this contract, Antares Media, the creator of the work (Work) specified in Invoice# XXX, grants Tech Firm XYZ (Client) an exclusive use license for a period of 2 years covering digital platforms and internal corporate events. Any other use of the Work will require a separately negotiated license.

Fees and Payment

Our fees are transparent, like a well-cleaned camera lens. The total cost, deposit, and payment milestones will all be crystal clear in our agreement.

Scope of Work

Before shouting "Cut," we agree on the nitty-gritty: shot lists, locations, script—if applicable—and other specifics that'll make the project Oscar-worthy (or at least, Webby-worthy).


You'll know exactly what you're getting, be it raw footage, a polished 3-minute video, or a series of 15-second social media snippets.

Revisions and Edits

Videos are like onions—they have layers. And our agreement will specify the number of revisions you can request to peel back those layers until it's perfect.

Duration and Timeline

Our timelines are tighter than a close-up shot, outlining when pre-production ends, shooting begins, and the final edit is delivered.


Sometimes, projects do get "cut" (pun intended). Our agreement lays out the why, when, and how much if our engagement needs to wrap earlier than planned.

Real-World Example: Tech Corporate Client

Imagine you're a tech company planning a product launch. We agree on a full-coverage package: pre-launch teasers, launch event coverage, and post-launch interviews. The license permits unlimited use across all digital platforms but restricts airing on television without an additional fee.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million—or at least, that's how we feel. With these terms laid out, we can focus on what we do best: creating stunning videos that tell your story.